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Marketer. Consultant. Mentor.

As a young graffiti artist, I saw and interpreted life in a different light than others. I turned my art into graphic design, which lead to web design, web development, ad management, copywriting, blogging, SEO, etc. Although I was quick to embrace advancements in technologies and ideologies, these new skills were a result of employers hesitation to fund marketing. If I wanted it, I had to do it myself.  Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise.

Fast forward – I’ve worked with some incredible organizations like Harley-Davidson, American Express, Macys, and iHeartRadio. Through the years, I’ve managed hundreds of millions in ad-spend internationally. Along the way, relationships sparked with talented individuals and companies in every stage of life across the globe. They’re more than just resources. They’re a testament to my core values. I am a relationship marketer, through and through.

I pride myself in being a hands-on consultant. There’s tremendous value in demonstrating and teaching the why and how of getting results – not just the what. Transparency has the power to create long-lasting impact on people and organizations. For everyone to succeed, I must enable and empower organizations and teams to win, and I will be there to celebrate with you when you do.

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“I believe that everyone deserves to be a homeowner, everyone must be treated the same, my favorite part of my business is making homeownership possible thru my skills and knowledge” Real Estate licensed in the State of Florida. Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Marketing, an associate degree in Computer Programming. Founder of Kingdom Group (a group of Real Estate Professionals), Founder of a Marketing company. 

One of my business core value is God first, family second; my goal is to leave a legacy for my children and family by continuing to build my business with principles and values.

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