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Marketer. Consultant. Mentor.

As a young graffiti artist, I saw and interpreted life in a different light than others. I turned my art into graphic design, which lead to web design, web development, ad management, copywriting, blogging, SEO, etc. Although I was quick to embrace advancements in technologies and ideologies, these new skills were a result of employers hesitation to fund marketing. If I wanted it, I had to do it myself.  Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise.

Fast forward – I’ve worked with some incredible organizations like Harley-Davidson, American Express, Macys, and iHeartRadio. Through the years, I’ve managed hundreds of millions in ad-spend internationally. Along the way, relationships sparked with talented individuals and companies in every stage of life across the globe. They’re more than just resources. They’re a testament to my core values. I am a relationship marketer, through and through.

I pride myself in being a hands-on consultant. There’s tremendous value in demonstrating and teaching the why and how of getting results – not just the what. Transparency has the power to create long-lasting impact on people and organizations. For everyone to succeed, I must enable and empower organizations and teams to win, and I will be there to celebrate with you when you do.

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